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Alpha Intell more than 30 years investigative experience


We are a professional Northern California Private Investigations Firm that is confidential, accountable and honest.  Our mission is to provide our clients with most accurate and detailed information available."     Our staff is loyal, effective, and experienced.  We provide services for Insurance Companies, Law Firms, Government Agencies, and the General Public.  We offer competitive rates and ALL service fees will be discussed and documented up front.


Experienced:  We employ the most innovative and state of the art investigative techniques and surveillance available.  We have extensive training in the most current  techniques and equipment available. Using the aforementioned and our more than 30 years of investigative/Law Enforcement experience, we will provide professional and accurate results.


 Our conduct will always be of the highest ethical and moral standards.  As our Client, you will be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy.  We understand the sensitive and confidential nature of the cases we investigate and our discretion is guaranteed.


We are committed to providing quality communications and answering any  questions you might have. We will report the most accurate and available information in existence at the time of service.  If there is ever a question regarding our conduct, services, or results, we will do everything we can to research and remedy the situation.


Alpha Intelligence employs only the most ethical, honest individuals as team members.  We realize these traits are essential to providing superior investigative services.  Our highly skilled staff and up-to-date technical equipment allows us to complete even the most complex of cases in a cost-effective and professional manner.  All hours are billed honestly and our documentation will reflect this.      Alpha Intelligence is more than an investigation service. We are professionals of the highest integrity. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the best results driven service available without compromising our ethics or evidence.    We specialize in Workers Compensation Investigations and whether your firm needs to confirm basic information or launch a multi-investigator, complex, covert operation, we have what it takes to provide you with the professional results required for today’s standard of proof.   


 In minutes we can evaluate your case, form an operations plan, get investigators in the field and start providing you intelligence.      Alpha Intelligence will work with you to achieve success. We are a firm that truly cares and stands by our commitment to our clients.