We Specialize In Covert Operations


Very few investigators can conduct a competent, successful surveillance operation. Video documentation provides the best evidence available to identify fraudulent activity and claims. Our investigators are highly trained experts able to document the actions of the most vigilant and educated claimants. Our investigators use cutting edge technology, we can obtain video evidence from great distance or up close and personal, in any conditions, day, night, rain or snow, we will obtain the needed documentation. You are assured our investigations will never infringe on an individual’s reasonable expectation of privacy or violate any other ethical or punitive code.

AOE/COE Compensability Investigations

Arising Out of Employment/Course of Employment is a Workman’s Compensation investigation to determine if an employee’s alleged injury was work related. Time is of the essence during the early stages of a claim to determine the circumstances of an injury-related accident or before evidence can be lost or destroyed. In addition memories can deteriorate and involved parties can be coached by legal counsel or other deleterious persons. The AOE/COE investigation documents the claimant’s statement through recorded and/or written statements and photographic evidence.   Workers comp fraud is the fastest growing insurance scam in the nation and costs insurance companies billions annually. These fraud cases come in different varieties and injuries can range from a hurt back to unseen and more difficult to prove ailments. Our investigators use cutting edge technology and covert surveillance to provide video and still photographic evidence to prove workers comp fraud.

Medical History

These records can be an invaluable tool in determining both the current and preexisting health of individuals filing accident injury claims. We are skilled investigators and provide thorough and detailed medical record information from hospitals, physicians, pharmacies, chiropractors, clinics and radiology centers. We have the necessary training to assure the accuracy of our information and, can provided results to you as fast as the same day if needed.

Documented/Recorded Statements

The initial statement of a claimant is often the most useful piece of information in determining the compensability of a claim. Our investigators obtain all information necessary to accurately evaluate a claim, using a professional manner, treating all involved parties with fairness and respect. All interviews are documented via digital recorder, video or hand written notes if digital documentation is not an option.

Witness/Claimant Tracking

Through the use of advanced nationwide database searches along with possible physical document searches and interviewing of previous neighbors, relatives, employers and associates, we will assist you in locating even the most difficult to locate claimants, witnesses or person of interest.

Social Monitoring

We have the ability to track the activity of persons on line 24 hrs. a day. Social sites such as Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Etc. have become a staple in the way people communicate. Persons often post their activities, plans, and picture on these sites; as well as provide valuable intelligence. Stay one step ahead by utilizing this service.